На рынке появился новый сканер – Whistler WS1095 (Ранее анонсирован как GRECOM PSR-900), этот сканер имеет практически такие же характеристики как в UNIDEN BCD536HP, но есть и отличия.

1) Whistler WS1095 - цена 700$ https://www.whistlergroup.com/usa/ws1095-digital-scanner.html VS Uniden BCD536HP - цена 600$ https://www.uniden.com/scanner/id-BCD536HP/BCD536HP_HomePatrol_Series_Scanner_with_Wi-Fi

2)Whistler WS1095 - Съемная передняя панель, очень удобно при монтаже в автомобиль.

3)Whistler WS1095 - Отсутствие возможности прямого ввода частоты с клавиатуры сканера, думаю не очень удобно в процессе эксплуатации.


Информация с сайта:

The Whistler WS1095 Scanner offers amazing capability along with ease of use. The expected frequency coverage is:  25-54, 108-136.99, 137-174, 216-512, 764-781.99, 791-798.99, 806-960 (excluding cellular bands) and 1240-1300 MHz. This radio comes with a 2GB SD card preloaded with US and Canadian public service frequencies. You may automatically program your scanner by merely entering your zip code or city. It handles analog and digital systems including APCO 25 Phase I & II.

One extremely interesting feature of this radio is the remoteable head. And it magnetically fastens to the the head bracket! This facilitates vehicle installation and use. Other feature of this radio include:
   Simple menu driven user interface.
   Preloaded MicroSD card included.
   Easy updating via Internet
   APCO P25 Digital Phase I & II
   Multi-system analog trunking (Motorola, EDACS and LTR)
   CTCSS and DCS subaudible decoder
   SAME Weather Alerts
   Service search
   User upgradable CPU firmware
   Spectrum Sweeper
   Remoteable Head via supplied 6 foot cable.

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